Rise of the Runelords

My Vacation by T'shwana Kagassamwangani

I went down the coast a few miles to do some fishing at a spot. I noticed when we were going to Thistletop Mountain. The first night I was there I dreamed that I was walking along the beach. It was completely still, not a breath of wind at all and the sea was completely still. As I walked along the beach, a flock of seagulls wheeled around overhead and followed behind me crying out, at me it seemed. It was deafening.

The next day I caught nothing, absolutely nothing. I had the same dream for the next five nights and caught absolutely nothing the whole week.

Then, on my seventh night there, I dreamed I was walking on the beach again. There was no wind and the sea was calm again, but the seagulls weren’t there. About halfway down the beach, I felt like someone was watching me. I turned around, and at the other end of the beach a woman with long, green hair was walking into the water. And I knew that she was Gozreh and that I needed to follow her.

When I woke up the waves were crashing against the beach – not a storm, but the waves were huge and loud. And for the next two weeks, I had excellent catches.


Cool Andrew! Does this mean you are changing Deities ?


Yeah. I just don’t think Iomedae was the right choice for T’shwana. Plus, T’shwana and I have been thinking about his eagerness to burn down the nettle forest. That’s s not really who T’shwana is, he has way more respect for nature than that. It seemed like a good time to go shopping for a new deity.

NeoGravity AndrewSharp

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