Rise of the Runelords

We're all here!

Yay we’re all here now!

So we need to schedule our first session.

I can pretty much be available any evening other than Thursday.

Leave a comment with your availability. Please be a specific as possible so I can more easily decide on a time.


Weeknights would be best for me. Any Friday’s would work just fine. 2nd and/or 4th Friday’s of the month would be perfect.

We're all here!

Weeknights would be tough for me, but Fridays would be good.

We're all here!

My former user profile was really more of a character profile and I just remedied that. Hence the new user name. ~Eleanor IRL

We're all here!

So right now Friday’s are looking good. Let’s see what Ben and Andrew have to say.

We're all here!
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