Rise of the Runelords

My Vacation by T'shwana Kagassamwangani

I went down the coast a few miles to do some fishing at a spot. I noticed when we were going to Thistletop Mountain. The first night I was there I dreamed that I was walking along the beach. It was completely still, not a breath of wind at all and the sea was completely still. As I walked along the beach, a flock of seagulls wheeled around overhead and followed behind me crying out, at me it seemed. It was deafening.

The next day I caught nothing, absolutely nothing. I had the same dream for the next five nights and caught absolutely nothing the whole week.

Then, on my seventh night there, I dreamed I was walking on the beach again. There was no wind and the sea was calm again, but the seagulls weren’t there. About halfway down the beach, I felt like someone was watching me. I turned around, and at the other end of the beach a woman with long, green hair was walking into the water. And I knew that she was Gozreh and that I needed to follow her.

When I woke up the waves were crashing against the beach – not a storm, but the waves were huge and loud. And for the next two weeks, I had excellent catches.

T'Shwana Sings the Blues

Let’s face it, night watches are no fun. Staring out into darkness so long that the darkness begins to stare into you, the crushing silence only punctuated by One Tusk muttering in his sleep, wondering what sort of horrible creatures are lurking past the carcass of the tentacled, stinging monster we killed earlier….a character needs a coping mechanism. T’Shwana deals with it all by singing the blues.

I’m a fisherman, baby
But there ain’t no fish around
Said I’m a fisherman, baby
But there ain’t no fish around.
Ain’t been fishin’ in a long time,
Been battling monsters underground.

Killed some monsters
Sin-spawn, goblins, a demon too.
Killed some monsters
Sin-spawn, goblins, a demon too.
When they’re comin’ at you,
Well, what’s a Mwangi boy to do?

One day they’ll get me
Weapons will fail, they’ll knock me prone.
One day they’ll get me
Armor will fail, they’ll knock me prone.
When that say day comes, y’all
Iomedae will take me home.

A Warrior's Prayer, III

O, Iomedae, Light of the Sword,
Hear a devoted warrior’s prayer!
Please don’t let One Tusk die.
I promise to be good and practice
my weapon techniques every morning and
I promise to keep my armor clean and rust-free.
Just don’t let him die, OK?
I just want him to get better so he can
keep adventuring with us.

This I ask in your name.

A Warrior Seeks Wisdom

O, Iomedae, Light of the Sword
a devoted warrior seeks your counsel!
More offense or more defense?
I’m a warrior, right?
So, hitting harder and more accurately are good.
But my confidence was shaken when we battled Tsuto Kaijitsu.
7 hit points, Iomedae! 7! With one unarmed strike!
Clearly some defense would be good too.
Guide my choices as I add combat feats before my next battle.
In your name.

A Warrior's Prayer

O, Iomedae, Light of the Sword,
Hear this simple warrior’s prayer!
Guide my spear and hammer, let them find their mark.
No more glancing blows!
I totally should have been able to smash those skeletons last time.
Let me see the path of justice and right and grant me the wisdom to understand
these characters I keep coming across; Sheriff Hemlock, Aldern Foxglove, Kaijiki Lonjitsu and all the others.
And lead me not into temptation, even saucy wenches with tightly-laced bodices;
please let me have learned my lesson and keep me from Vinder’s Store.

All this I ask in your name.

We're all here!

Yay we’re all here now!

So we need to schedule our first session.

I can pretty much be available any evening other than Thursday.

Leave a comment with your availability. Please be a specific as possible so I can more easily decide on a time.

Getting Started

Hi all,

We’ll be getting started soon. I need our fourth player Andrew to join the campaign here in ObsidianPortal and then we can schedule our first meeting.


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