Rise of the Runelords

A Warrior's Prayer

O, Iomedae, Light of the Sword,
Hear this simple warrior’s prayer!
Guide my spear and hammer, let them find their mark.
No more glancing blows!
I totally should have been able to smash those skeletons last time.
Let me see the path of justice and right and grant me the wisdom to understand
these characters I keep coming across; Sheriff Hemlock, Aldern Foxglove, Kaijiki Lonjitsu and all the others.
And lead me not into temptation, even saucy wenches with tightly-laced bodices;
please let me have learned my lesson and keep me from Vinder’s Store.

All this I ask in your name.


Love it!

A Warrior's Prayer
NeoGravity AndrewSharp

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