Rise of the Runelords

A Warrior's Prayer, III

O, Iomedae, Light of the Sword,
Hear a devoted warrior’s prayer!
Please don’t let One Tusk die.
I promise to be good and practice
my weapon techniques every morning and
I promise to keep my armor clean and rust-free.
Just don’t let him die, OK?
I just want him to get better so he can
keep adventuring with us.

This I ask in your name.


I’ll grant +2 to any saving throw One Tusk has to make and +2 to any healing roll to aid One Tusk as a result of your devotion to your god.

A Warrior's Prayer, III

…and Iomdedae (Light of the Sword),
could I have 500 gold pieces for new, spiked armor?

A Warrior's Prayer, III
NeoGravity AndrewSharp

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